My life
2002-09-17 01:44:13 (UTC)

....~Hiding Emotions~....

i hate it when i have so much that i feel and i can't say
it, ok like first of all, im not over brant, in a lot of
ways, yes i am, but i still think about him a lot, and ya
thats going to happen, but ive told everyone that i had no
feelings for him and that i was completly out of love with
him...well he came over today and i tried to to look at
him, but when i did, uhh i dont know why this always seems
to happen to me, i start to get over something and it wont
go awy i dont know what im suppose to do. We got in the
biggest fight today, i mean we were already not friends and
he just kinda showed up at my house! Avril lavigne songs
explain so much when it comes to Brant. Ok heres something
else, Tim showed no interest in me, so i forgot about it
and now that i have, he is showing intrest, its gay i hate
it, and lastly, i want to be accepted. Sometimes i be in a
group of people and i feel like a screw up and nothing that
i do is right, it hink that everyone gets feelings like
that but i always have them. Its like a normal part of
life. omg dan watts so hot!! sry i just had to get that out
real quick, anyways, i guess things are going ok, other
than all that shit, its aimees birthday, i wish she could
be here for it. ive noticed, like as we talk on the phone
whenever she gets to call me, that i took advantage of her
when she lived her e like i would get mad at her for the
stupidest reason and make a big deal about it. i dont know
why i use to be like that, i just was.well i gg peacee