listen to my silences
2002-09-17 01:35:40 (UTC)

jello and eegs (no it's not supposed to be eggs)

the eeg (it's a test of the brain waves for those that
don't know) of a male is exactly the same as one of lime
jello. seriously, it's a proven fact.

i wonder what kind of jello the female brain compares to.
or would it be more like cheesecake because the female
brain has more things in it? then again, maybe the female
eeg would be more like juice cause males have thicker
brains. i wonder what my eegs looked like. the first one
would be the normal of a female brain. the second had an
abnormality. does that mean the cheesecake (or juice,
whichever the case may be) would have a growth? or a
different ingredient than what's normally in it?

i really am curious as to the answer of this question.
please respond and let me know what you think. serious and
funny responses both welcome. and if anyone really does
know the answer, definitely let me know.

final thought: it looks like jello, and yet it doesn't. it
wiggles like jello, but different. and it tastes
remarkably like jello, but it's just not jello.