Wally's Wackin' Shack
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2002-09-17 01:31:18 (UTC)

Another Boring Day

I'll start by going through my Sunday.........I woke up,
ate Breakfast, and then I got ready, went out to the French
Quarter. They've got LOTS of great vintage shops. I've
narrowed it down on what I want to be for
halloween.......Either Madonna (Human Nature Madonna) with
a TIGHT leather top, TIGHT leather skirt, leather boots,
the ones that zip up to ur mid calfs, a whip and I found
this braided wig that would be perfect..........I've also
have thought about doing Wonder Woman......They had these
GREAT Red Sparkly Glitter Boots, and these Silver ones with
stars I could do too, I've just gotta find the other
pieces, but I could soooooooo do it, I think I'd rather do
Madonna though.....Wonder Woman seems a bit flaming....but
either one would be fun. I hung out with Jamie, and Hasaan
that night. Hasaan is this hot gay guy that lives in the
dorms here, he's got a b/f so there's nothing goin' on
there, and I SURE he's not interested in me he's fun to hang around.
Today I went to class....that was boring, and tiring.....I
went to Jamie's room, hung out....and now I'm here. That's
it. I had a Fraternity meeting yesterday, I didn't get
pledged in, cuz only like 5 of us showed up, but It'll
happen next week. Ok......that's it for right now, I
guess, I'll update again on Wednesday, cuz I'll prolly
won't have nuffin' good to say tomorrow.....Thanx for
Readin', Love you all *kisses*

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