Happy days, and then those other ones
2001-07-24 13:36:37 (UTC)

carly = losernessity

What a loser am i... i have no life. Thank God for Will,
or i would probably spend another day sitting at home in
front of the tv. It's probably all my fault or stuff that
i never do anything with my friends... but hey, i do try.
I guess i dont' really have that many, and that depresses
me. Hey- i'm nice... why don't i have friends? oh wait, i
can't say i have no friends, cuz i do... but just not many,
and most would rather not have me around. I thought i had
more, but when i sit alone all summer with nobody and i
read that they always are having fun with this person, or
that person... thank god for will. maybe, i won't always
be a loser. maybe i'm just insane. i can't wait to see
dustin... oh, i'm still sad!!!! i miss him

hey, at least it's cake day... (i'm getting the new cd!!!)