Diary of the Weird
2002-09-17 00:37:01 (UTC)

Pissed Off

Why is it that girls are willing to be in abusive
relationships, yet not see past outward appearances? I've
heard some of the hottest girls in my school, who are
actually scared of me even though I have given them no
reason, talk about how there boyfriends don't know there
own strength and how the hurt them. Yet, anyone that gives
me or my friends a chance are treated great. In a way I
fear becoming abusive, because my grandfather was that way
to my grandma, and that's how my dad turned out. I just
learned about my grandpa just the other day. I remember
when I had to step in between my parents, he said to go
back to my room, and I responded with the question of how
would he feel if someone did this to grandma. How could he
sit there and continue the abuse on my mom as well as me
and my sister after going through it himself. I have no
question about the restraining order now and can only hope
scum like him will die horrible deaths. If you ever read
this dad, fuck off. I hope you kill yourself, when your all
alone with no one's sorrow for you.

King D