My Story
2002-09-17 00:11:45 (UTC)

coming together and falling apart

Huh................ when things were coming together it
started to fall apart, but I'm proud of myself because I've
been handling it REALLY good. I've been having trouble
dealing with this person I believe is following me. I'm now
really scared of my neighborhood and hate being alone. The
last time I saw "this person" I was with my friend (thank
god) last week. But anyway he could always just live around
here. I dunno. Mr. great guy.....I think he has a
girlfriend but I'm not mad or like upset about it I'm just
REALLY confused....the guys at my school are REALLY
immature and I just don't really like any of em' but if
someone did come along I know that if matt where to come
out here to see his cuz and visit me...I know I'd dump who
ever in a heartbeat....then I'd feel bad like I was using
them. ya know? anybody got some advice? latas!