molly the undead

you THINK you know...and you probably do
2002-09-17 00:02:29 (UTC)

Monday, 9/16/02

Grrrr, school pisses me off. Every day this week, i have to
stay after for some class to take some god-awful test that
i don't even remember missing. Today was dull, except for
an encounter with mr. ickes i don't feel like typing..i
swear that man should be like, ruler of the universe or
something. He's so gloriously insane. After school, i hung
out with jeremy and jodie for a bit, we went and got
slurpees. Now i'm bored outta my mind...i should invite
jodie and pete wait scratch that..just jodie, i'm
sure pete would rather go hang out with SHANE, and i
wouldn't dream of imposing on his fun since it seems sooooo
important to him.