No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-09-16 23:48:57 (UTC)

dreams again

Well, I had some more creepy shit happen to me. NOT COOL!
Ok, I have already said something about the guy who was
murdered...more dreams are coming into play. The good thing
is that I have an alarm on my window now. But listen to my
dream and my sisters dream.
I drempt that I had just come in from hanging out with
Terry in the middle of the street, which is normal. It was
about 1:30 in the morning, I looked at my clock, laid down
and fell right asleep. Then I woke up becasue of some noise
and I was trying to get out my bedroom door but was stuck
yet again. I was also standing frozen in terror. I looked
out the blinds, because that was the source of the noise,
and I saw my head fly at the window, blood everywhere. I
also saw some guy standing there, outside my window,
laughing! I was in 3 places at once. CRAZY. It was creepy.
Ok, this is my sister Lisa's dream. I was hanging out in
the road with Terry and Fred and someone snuck in the
house. I was killed at decapitated and the guy split me
open and ripped my intestines out. Then she was at my
funeral and it was closed casket cuz they couldn't find my
WEIRD isnt it? Yeah
Well I've had a good day :D

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