My Reality
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2002-09-16 23:22:56 (UTC)

In this world....

In this world:
there are those who laugh at anything and those who laugh
at those who laugh at anything

there are those who are fascinated with the power of lint
and those who take pride in never being that simple

there are those who can simply kick back and watch and
those who have to be the center of attention

there are those who think drama is a broken nail or a fight
with a bf, and those who really know the importance of
world hunger, homelessness and war

there are those who dont look for love and find that angel
in their life and those who insist on making a whole lot of
something out of absolutely nothing

there are those who loved high school and who give anything
to go back and those who remember the painful scorns of
clicks jocks grades and judgement and realize how badly it
truely sucked

there are those who cant wait to be an adult for
respectable reasons and those who arent even capable of
putting together their own outfits in the morning

there are always going to be those people who ask "are you
mad at me?" and those who really dont just give a damn

there are those who want nothing but to impress everyone
around them in hopes of making them feel more important in
life and those who can stand that they are simply mediocre
and like to blend in with the back ground..(i make a lovely
wall flower if you are asking)

there are those who can say goodbye and never look back
knowing that they made a good decision and then there are
those who second guess all that they do lacking the
confidence to truely believe in themselves

the human race is forever more going to be made up of doers
and thinkers, together they work wonderfully but separtatly
they are lost.

there are always those ppl who follow through and those who
fall behind just straggling along depending on others their
entire lives and believeing that this is an ok way to live

there are those who place toilet paper at the top of their
priority list and those who can always find a close
substitute when it comes down to the issue of beer money

ppl who enjoy college and ppl who see the great fallicy
that everyone has created about it being your first step
out into the world, well let me tell you i have had sneezes
that were more life altering than this.

there are ppl who get pissed off constantly and those that
are that clueless that they should be mad

there are those who see causes to fight for and those who
will live their lives erect but never standing for anything

those who plan outfits days ahead and those who can live
moment to moment not caring if the world sees them less
than perfect

there are those who know they are less than perfect but
unaware of how close they are to it and those who hold
themselves very high too busy with their own egos to see
all of their short comings

thsoe who believe in the fairytale and those who miss out
on the power of dreaming

there are those who sort and organize and those who get
swept up along with lifes chaos

those who stress and those who arent bothered with anything

those who try all of their lives to achieve the love of
another and those who live in fear of the rejection

those who think the scars tell stories and those who cover
the scars not wanting to reveal their past

there are those ppl that touch you forever and those that
move you for a lifetime

those who see clearily and those who prefer the foggy view
that ignorance provides

thsoe who are earily and those who dont even own a watch

there are people who think a night of perfection is more
important than a lifetime of looking back

there are those who can have the one night stand wanting
only to avoid true intimacy nd those who search all their
time just for one person to get intimate with

there are those who you miss becasue they are familiar and
those you miss because you wanted them to be familiar

there are those who leave with no regrets and those who
would never leave in the first place

there are those who always kiss ass just in case and those
who never pucker up seeing nothing is that important to
have to stoop downwards

those who always study for the test and those who want to
be tested

those who pay the bills and those who pay the bills for
those who dont

those who dream of what they want and those who go get it

those who are all talk and no words

those who shut down on themselves when life changes and
those who yearn for that change

those who cant sit still and those who sit still out of fear

those who want nothing more than to dance and those who
face their lives and realize they never stopped for a

there are people in this world who can try the new and
different and those who cant handle the difference of not
having the old

those who give flowers and those who give feelings

those who offer kind words and those who offer kind actions

those who can never say i love you but make you feel more
loved than those who say it daily

those who always love the view and those who see nothing
but the clouds

those who seem a little clueless but perfectly happy and
those who have all of the answers but never smile for they
have nothing to look forward

those who resent their intelligence and those who strive
all their lives to achieve others natural talent

those who say oh yo this is my jam and those who want to
smack them!!! (im in college and i have to pick on the
retards i am surrounded by)

those who always put the sit down and those who have better
things to do with their time

those who love with all they have and those who have
nothing but the love they recieve

there are ppl in this world who stay in a constant state of
frustration and confusion and those who spend their time
figuring out the great puzzle

there are those who see life as a puzzle and those who
never make it past the first puzzle pieces

there are many ppl in this world, they are all different
and they are all the same they are everything in you and
nothing like you they are what makes this world the world
that it is whether you like the world as is or not theres
always room for improvement, just figure out which extreme
you are and go from there, theres always an opposite theory
to that which you follow make a change and make yourself ones going to do it for you!