Lena World
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2002-09-16 23:19:19 (UTC)


I have an english exam in a few hours time. It's going to
be the last one I ever take.

So why am I so calm? No idea...maybe I'm numb...or maybe I
just don't care anymore. That's probably it, I stopped
caring a long time ago.

As long as I pass I'm happy.

Only problem is this particular english exam is an essay in
exam conditions. We have to write and essay. Now I can
write essays, unfortunetly I can't write them well. I can
get an A in english with my orals but the minutes you sit
me down to write an essay I do badly.

I crash and burn.

Yet I'm still feeling relatively calm.

Screw this...I'm going to go find some quotes that I can
take into the exam with me.

- Lena

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