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2002-09-16 22:50:59 (UTC)


I went to school today, just another day. A lot of papers
I have to write, all the normal stuff.
Sunshine picked me up afterwards because we had to go pick
up our checks from PIRG (where i ised to work) and then we
did some erands. It was so good seeing her, it's gonna be
sad when she goes to Stanford, but we will ahve to find a
way to keep in touch.
I also called Alley, she's in Cincinatti. I miss evryone
so much, but she said that she's gonna try to stay here
next year while she is going to school, yes!
I also tried calling Alex today but of course she wasn't
I saw Alana, and we talked for a little while. I miss her
so much. Thank God she is returning to her good 'ole self.
She helped me a lot this summer. And OMG is she hot. I
wish I could have told her, but she was my director so oh
I also wan to go see Mrs. Burke at some point, but of
course that means me ogint back to my old school, so maybe
not. I loved her so much aswell but unfortunately she's
married (thus, the Mrs...)! Oh well such as life.
gotta go!

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