A Princess
2001-07-24 13:09:24 (UTC)


Soz I lost count,lol Anywayz SKOOLZ OUT!!!!!WHA HEY!
P.A.R.T.Y!!! Today was cool cos it was so short...In drama
we were playing truth or dare and one of the thingz we ended
up doing was telling each other what we liked and disliked
about each other...Great,lol okay well one person said I was
really creative and good n stuff and her dislike was thta we
are always in competition for dances...Another said Im nice
n stuff but I walk in the room and pose like im great or Ermmm this girl said im really nice but
too tall,lol...This guy said Im a really good friend but I
flick my hair too much, paul said I flick my hair too much
and Linda, LINDA said Im a flirt!!!Grrrr Cant say I
recognise that so the first thing I did after that lesson
was ask everyone if I was and they all said yes!!! OMG I
mean ive never considered my self as a flirt and kelly tells
me that I dont know Im doing it :( Ooooh and also paul said
other people hate it becasue me and matt should be together
cos were really friendly or something, what does he
know,lol...I dont like Matt like that and even kelly tells
me I flirt with him which is really really bad because hes
JUST a friend and I have my baby and I dont ever flirt with
him because hes just, well matt :( Also Miss Elliot left
oooooo and chris (not that chris)made a really nasty comment
about me which I dont want to go into but it was just a
really out of order diss behind my back and its so nasty its
really unbelievable hes such a asshole atleast my face
doesnt look like shit like his. Im sorry for my french and I
shouldnt swear but you wouldnt be happy if he said what he
did about me to you. ANYWAYZ they r all going to ashton
court but Im not going to cos sues going and I might end up
hurting her or something...Well this is way too long but I
suppose it makes up for the missed dayz :)
Lotz of Luv