My Doggy Daze Diary
2001-07-24 12:37:56 (UTC)

Hello! -- Tuesday, July 24, 8:27 AM

Hello, everybody, and welcome to My Doggy Daze Diary! I
will be updating this diary every so often, so you can check
back and see what's new whenever you want! (I will also let
you know when it has been updated by posting it under
"Updates" on the main page.) Today I have some stories to
tell you about my dog!

My dog's name is Lucy. She is 9 months old, and she is a
Rottweiler - German Shepherd mix. Lucy is special not only
because she is sweet, energetic, and playful, but also
because she is lucky to be alive. When she was very young, a
dog shelter in Monroe, Connecticut found little Lucy in a
pound; she was very small, very alone, and very ill. It
turned out that she had a rare and fatal disease called
parvo. She was expected to die, but the shelter rushed her to
a hospital, where she was on an I.V. for a month. Eventually
she recovered, and she had been living at the shelter for a
few weeks when a young man decided to take her home with him.
Later that day, he called the shelter up and told them he was
bringing Lucy back, because she “barked a lot.” About a
month later, we found Lucy, and fell immediately in love with
her. She has been living with us now for over a month, and
she is still as loving and good-natured as ever!

Yesterday I was playing out in the yard with Lucy when I
ran into a pricker bush. I got scrapes all over my legs, and
I let out a yelp of pain. Darting across the yard, Lucy
rushed to my aid and started jumping all over the bush,
ripping off leaves with her mouth. I realized then that my
little puppy was trying to protect me from the mean old
pricker bush! Afterwards her mouth was very sore, but that
just goes to show you that dog really is man's (or woman's!)
best friend!

Well, that's all for now! Toodles!