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2002-09-16 20:17:28 (UTC)

Week of September 15th - 22nd, 2002

Welcome to my new format in my online journal. As you know
I am keeping this for the USGA, and other organizations.

Monday, September 16th, 2002
Today at school was very simple...I have a test in Course 3
that I will miss. I also have to complete an essay for
tomorrow in U.S History & Government. Here is my schedule
for the week:

MONDAY (Sept. 16)
Go to school at 7:45, with classes all day. Small match at
5:00pm. Homework at 8:00. Bed whenever.

TUESDAY (Sept. 17)
Go to school at 7:45am, classes until 10:00am. Dismissed,
and depart for Los Angeles International. US Air flight
1485 departing 11:36pm, from gate 45K. Arrive on this
NONSTOP flight in New York (Kennedy International). Meet up
with Ashley at 3:30pm. Put Ashley on NONSTOP US Air flight
1486 back to Los Angeles. Get on plane to Syracuse. Arrive
in Syracuse at 4:15pm. Drive to Marathon to stay with my
family for the night.

WEDNESDAY (Sept. 18)
Be at Maple Hill Golf Course at 10:45am, for 18 holes of
match play golf. Arrive back home at 3:30pm. Hair-Cut at
4:00pm. Go home, with golf lesson at 6:30pm.

THURSDAY (Sept. 19)
Be at Maple Hill Golf Course at 10:15am, for 18 holes of
match play golf. Arrive back home at 3:25pm. Relax, and
enjoy time with my family.

FRIDAY (Sept. 20th)
Be at Maple Hill Golf Course at 12:00pm (NOON), for 9 holes
of stroke play. That is playing or watching...depends on
how I do individually. Depart my house, at 4:00pm, for
Syracuse Hancock International Airport. Arrive Chicago
O'Hare International Airport at 4:55pm (CNTL TIME). Depart
for Los Angeles at 5:14pm, and arrive at 5:39pm. Hopefully
there is a ride waiting to pick me up.

SATURDAY (Sept. 21st)
Spend as much time as I can with Ashley.

SUNDAY (Sept. 22nd)
My sister Hayley's 13th birthday, so I will call and tell
her Happy Birthday. Then at 4:45, take Ashley to Los
Angeles International Airport, therefore she can leave for
Orlando. She will return September 25th. Coincidentely, the
day I leave for The Bahamas.


There is a week of my life. Pretty Busy, huh? Well, It's
4:15 now, and I have a golf match soon. I will write more
soon, if not tonight. Take it easy. I miss Ashley.

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