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2002-09-16 18:58:35 (UTC)

Monday I got sick

So today i wake up and can hardly move, my throat is like
red and closed and hurting like a mother fuckin bitch. I
call my mother and she tells me to go to the infirmary. So
i get there, and they like shove me in the hospital wing
of this stupid place. When i got there I was like shaking
and crying and could hardly breathe or walk. but none the
less, I get admitted into the hospital wing. They decide
that they have to take blood because they arent sure what
is wrong and they were afraid i was having a reoccurance
of mono, which i had last year in november. Anyways, so
they jab me like 3 times before gettin the blood. Anyways
they wouldnt let me leave until like 230. But let me tell
you, good news, I dont have mono. I have strept throat.
Well I guess I'm back to suffield for a few nights, until
i can get this desease of mine under control. Cya around.


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