Chapter One: The Evil Within
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2002-09-16 18:24:14 (UTC)

So what now....

I am sorry, I dont mean to tell you the bitter truth, but
I feel like I am your little barbie doll, I am there when
you want me, and you are bored for you have nothing to do,
but when you have him, I am nothing to you. I am sorry that
you dont get to see him as much as you would like, and I
see the one I love everyday, but you see, we understand
that we are not always the center of eachothers lives, we
dont have to spend every waking moment with eachother and
often go off with friends rather han with eachother, and
btw you two are not dating, souly friends, and when I was
just friends, I barely saw him outside of school. So feel
fucking lucky there, ooo you wanna hang with your "friend",
well, I thought I was your friend too, but I guess there is
a difference. Thanks,thanks alot!!