I am a goddess
2001-07-24 10:03:12 (UTC)

I want you to know.......

Im beginning to think that life is one big chance for
people to get as fucked up as possible and piss people off
every single day, well thats what the people i know do to
me anyway. well i,ve decided im not going to suffer fools
anymore,if someone a)pisses me off, or b)is stupid, or c)
all of the above, im going to let them know about it. No
more tact or calmness, im juat gonna flip. I'm beginning to
think that solitude is the only way i'm going to be happy.
Then the only person who can piss me off is me, then i can
only blame myself.
As soon as everything seems to be going smoothly, something
big happens to fuck it all up and cause friction between
Because its far too much to ask for every1 just to get
along now isnt it?
we could'nt have that, that would mean that there is no
Me and my friends are a very strange bunch of people, but
as the quote says " the only people who are normal are the
people you do not know " or something like that anyway.
Well at least its never boring. The reason im writing this
little "rant" is because two of my close freinds are having
a fallout over a lad, how pathetic is that, i mean hes not
even atractive, or has a nice personality, but thats just
my opinion.
am reasonably calm now. Good.