2002-09-16 18:18:46 (UTC)


i havent written in awhile again. i dont have a lot to
say. for over a year, this has kind of been my bitching-
spot and now i dont have as much to bitch about.. not
really important stuf. except that i really want to leave my

god im such a fucking bitch.. couldnt i think of a better
way to blow him off? i know fucking adam will run and tell
him and it makes me feel bad but its what i have to do...
some things are just more important than others, and so
when something has to be done, you do it, right?

on a similiar note, i havent talked to ashley. im not really that
angry, i just see her as one of the many people with such selfish
disregard for everyone else... plus, the drama is too thick.
its not something i need in my life right now. so whos being
selfish. i guess. well. not that shes never disappeared. its just
something else to be done right now.

and so once again, i leave myself with absolutely no one but
him... in the hopes that it will *continue* to be enough..

im guna go.