2002-09-16 18:07:31 (UTC)


too cute. someone left me a message congradulating me on
my acceptance to usf. cute cute cute people. =)

well so far today has been...stressful.
woke up late.
really fucking late.
i forgot i didnt buy that thing on friday and so i hauled
ass to the bookstore. completed it in under 5 mins. went
to class. realized i had fucked up part of it. gr. so
whatever. its so fucking stupid anyway its just i dont
have enough time for this shit.

sometimes i wish that i was oblivious to certain things.
too bad im not. but more than that its worse because
people think i am. but whatever.

i need to do laundry. and take a nap. maybe clean part of
my car out. i dunno. sleep. i need fucking sleep. my
throat hurts so badly. maybe i have strep throat. who
knows. im not fucking going to a doctor though. ha. right.
anyway. yeah. nap time.

the sun is shining, its a beautiful day. smile kid, dont
let anything get in your way.

ryan called me the "coooooolest person" last night. =).
sweethearts. everywhere. i just want to kiss everyone and
do as much as i can to make sure they have a good day.

and if i could id take away the pain you have, but its my
own that makes that impossible. so now ive gotten rid of
that too...whats left? you tell me. cuz i cant see myself
in other peoples eyes. i only know that inside...inside im
raw and bleeding. im internalizing everything so my soul
is darker than anything you could ever do to me. go ahead,
test it. go ahead...victimize the one you crawl to when
youre hurting when youre left with nothing but the
reassurance i bring to you. i feel nothing anymore.

=) nap time.