Silver web spun of a twisted imagination
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2001-07-24 09:22:00 (UTC)

Perfect Child

"Doctor, the suppression is complete."
A small child laughs, unable to cry.
Negative thought eliminated.

"This child will never suffer."
"But doctor, how will it understand the world?"
"That is none of your concern."

Blissfully at peace,
The baby boy will live.
Sheltered from his mind,
The darkness held inside,

"Oh, to be as lucky as he,
To possess eternal naivete."
"Doctor, this is wrong."
"Nonsense, it is best for him."

His mind unable to comprehend,
Anything not of light and purity,
The boy develops physically alone.
Friends are beyond comprehension for him.
People can betray.

"Doctor, is it natural for him to be so isolated?"
"No, but it is better. He spared pain and betrayal."
"But he will never experience love or friendship!"
"Those are negative. They can hurt. He will remain untarnished!"

The boy grows into manhood,
His mind as yet untried.
Work and pain unbeknownst to him,
Yet always wondering why.

"Why do I feel so incomplete?"
The thought is erased.

"Doctor, I think he knows.
I think he is sad."
"Nonsense. He is incapable of that."

One day the sun shone brightly.
The young man looked up at it.
His retinas cooked but he felt it not.
pain he was unable to feel.
He stood there, blinded, unaware.
He died there.

"If I had only acted."