2001-07-24 09:20:51 (UTC)

I havent told Anthony yet......

I havent told Anthony yet.... ive been avoiding him.. i
dunno, i cant tell him, i know i have to, but not yet.. I
told Kerry-Anne, and shes supportive and everything, but
she doesnt really understand.. she cant i guess, its not
something thatn shes ever really even thought about, let
alone have to face. maybe thats why im trying to tel u..
all i want is someone who understands me to talk to. i dont
know, im way to fucked up about it at the moment. Im scared
to tell Anthony, cuz i know he'll want me to keep it. and
im not sure if i can. but thejn theres the other 1/2 of me
that thinks i should.. i mean, what if this is the last
chance i get? im too young to have to make this decision.
god.. some1 help me.