listen to my silences
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2002-09-16 16:16:51 (UTC)

it's a beautiful day

it really is a nice day outside. so why am i in the
computer lab? i got bored. i've been outside all day and
i needed something else to do. this whole twelve hour
schedule thing makes for some long days. i get my hw done
and i also get a lot written on the computer. oh well.

neil and i never got a hold of stephen. he called me last
night at about eleven thirty i think and we talked for a
little bit. i had class at eight this morning though, so
we didn't talk long.

yesterday was nice...relaxing and fun. i went to church in
the morning and then went home, did laundry, and read.
yeah i know i'm a dork but i don't care. anyways besides
getting online that's all i did till five thirty. i had a
meeting at church for a jr. high thing that's going on
friday that i'm helping out with. it's funny all the
adults there are like aren't you in ninth grade at new
albany? uh no...i'm a freshman college. it's
funny. anyways i left the meeting early to go over to
sojourn. it was the second anniversary of their
beginning. i made it to the last thirty minutes of the
service. worship was cool. afterwards there was a gong
show and karaoke. i did the raindrop for the gong show and
didn't get gonged. for those that haven't seen it you're
missing out. i didn't sing (me sing? believe me you don't
want that to happen. yeah i have my good days, few and far
between). i stayed to help clean up and a lot of people
sang. it was so funny omigosh. charlie sang a song from
metallica and acted exactly like the singer does. they
even brought him a guitar so he could "play". it was
great!!! i'm going to start going there on sunday nights.
the people are awesome and the worship and service it self
are just...beyond description. i can really feel god when
i'm there. and i love it. much better than "my church".

after sojourn i went home and read awhile till stephen
called me. then i went to bed and ACTUALLY SLEPT!!! it
was great. so this morning i woke up refreshed. i slept
in a little bit so i didn't have time to put my contacts in
and my glasses are driving me crazy. but it's all good. i
found out that i got one hundred percent on my math exam.
yay!!! sorry i'm a little excited. just a little.

omigosh it was the funniest thing. after math class a girl
that's in there sat with me outside the sac. we were just
talking when she saw a squirrel. it was curled up in a
ball. she walked over to it and started talking to it.
she touched it and it didn't move. so she picked it up.
then she tried to put it down and it crawled up her
sleeve. it was so funny. there's something wrong with its
back legs and it wanted her to stay with it. SO SHE TOOK
IT TO CLASS WITH HER!!! okay i guess you just had to be

well, i'm out for now. have a good day everyone.

final thought: there's a silver lining to every cloud,
sometimes you just have to wait for the cloud to pass
before you see it.

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