the lilfe of a very confused person
2002-09-16 15:55:14 (UTC)

new day

wow, i havent written in this ina while i guess i only
write in it when i have problems, i guess that means i
havent had problems latly...

Well i told this girl jaime i had feelings for her. Didnt go
so good, but i guess were still freinds which i gues is
good, i didnt mean to tell her last night she jsut flipped
out when i asked her for her freind karas email adress,
i dont kno why, she knows im not intrested in her i jsut
wanted to kno so i could talk to her about jaime
becasue she is her best freind and i figured that she
could help me out??

I dont kno exactly what the feelings were i had for her, i
odnt kno if they were jsut that she was a really good
friend or that i really did have feelings for her. .. well
now that i think about it i think i might have becasue i
jsut cant get her out of my mind. Everything about her
jsut kills me, everytime she smiles at me , everytime
she laughs it jsut kills me to kno that the highest she
will ever be to me is a friend,

i didnt go to school today i dont kno why i jsut spent
time with my mom , we went to starbucks and talked for
awhile, my mom and i have a really good relationship

alright this is where i ask you people out there for
advice, should i jsut forget about jaime and continue to
be friends with her or should i continue to go after her
tell her that i want her....... really personlaly i dont get
girsl one question why do girls go after the guys that
jsut treat them like asshols, and the nice guys are
friends, i mean isnt that what all the people telly u to do
is jsut act urself , be sweet and nice to girls ..... well
right now that theory is jsut bullshit... i guess i really
dotn understand this whole girl thing, i think im jsut
going to sit back enjoy my life and not think about it ,
and hopefully the person im looking for is out there

now that i spent my time writing this i am actually glad
that i told her how i felt , ive never really done it before
..... that must be why i dont have a gf.. well i wonder how
tomorrow is gonna be.. soon wait to find out...

KELLY i know i havent writen in this thing for a while
and i think i might actually get back to it, so keep
sending me messages so as with everyone else. ill
write you an email telling you i did this..... wsh me luck
on the rest of my life and hope things work out today

one more thing i read my hriscope today and it said
something like your life will face certain problems and
the best thing t do is face it and not run away .. and now
im listing to running away by hoobastank .......
ironic???...... well send me some feedback i wann here
from the wold and what to do