Meshed Up
2002-09-16 08:33:47 (UTC)

6.34 in the evening

it's been a rainy day. somehow matches my mood.

woke up 10 minutes before class and almost didn't go for
the lecture. good thing i managed to get there in time looking even
crappier than i usually do.

was thinking about the internet and how it can create a
cyberdemocracy. but then, like a friend said, it can never
happen unless this world turns into a utopian world.


i am a hypocrite. a friend made me realize that yesterday.
i am a hypocrite because i accuse others of traits that
prevail in me as well. i am a hypocrite because i am guilty
of the things that i despise in others.

thinking about changing myself is simple. doing so is not
as easy. look at me. i've been telling myself to lose
weight for the past couple of weeks and i haven't lost a
single kg.

it's always easier to point your finger at others than to
look into the mirror.