Happy days, and then those other ones
2001-07-24 05:53:14 (UTC)

shit shit shit - stupid carly

shit is all i can think of saying. I mean duh carly,
thursday comes before friday and if you are gone thursday
through sunday, you WON'T BE HOME ON FRIDAY!!! damn shit
shit. I don't know how i could be so, um, what's the
word? moronic? I really wanna see him!!! and what, I knew
he's coming on Friday, and I'm all excited about seeing him
on Friday, but I WON'T BE HOME ON FRIDAY!!! Okay, I'm
camping with my aunts and cousin, and I knew that, too...
And, I knew that was the weekend he was coming up, too...
yet, for some stupid reason, i couldn't put 2 and 2
together, and there we have it --- STUPID CARLY!!! At
least I will see him all the next week... he leaves the
next friday, and i don't even know what time, so yay, I
MAYBE get to see him on Sunday, I get to see him on Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and MAYBE on Friday, so, AT
MOST - 6 days. Hell, I have a car. Maybe I can drive
seperately to the camp ground and come home on Friday for a
few hours... hmmm.... that's the ticket!!! I don't know...
I hope so. Shit shit shit. Maybe I should start writing
things down so I don't screw up my life all the time.

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