calculation is null

I tapped his trunk; the syrup was stale.
2001-07-24 04:58:44 (UTC)

A lame intro.

What's up? This is Seb. I think Nick needs an introduction
on here in case someone reads this which I don't know if
that will happen.

Anyway. Nick is 21. He goes to Stanford University where
he'll be a senior in the fall. He's studying English and
Sociology. He's originally from outside of Boston. He has
brown hair, blue eyes, and is hot. Haha. At least I think
so. He's funny, creative, sarcastic, deeply cari

Eh. I've wrested control of the keyboard from Seb. Who is
now bowing. Please clap for him; blow more air into his ego.
Okay, now he's doing things which propriety won't allow me
to mention here. At least not until you "know me better,

Dickens. Check it.

Buenos noches.

"Night, guys and gals," says Seb.

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