2002-09-16 05:22:37 (UTC)

i was just a little girl...but i cant go back...

i went to the waffle house tonight.
ryan met me there.
i like him a lot. a whole lot. hes a very cool person.
we talked a lot tonight even though we were supposed to be
working on our psych pretest thing.
he is so much like me. its a really good feeling.
we talk well together. and for some strange reason i feel
like i can talk to him about anything. even though i just
met him. and he understand it too, and its not just that
but he makes little comments that just explains that he
feels the same way about shit that i do. its really great.
im glad that i met him. i really need someone like that in
my life.
while i was there ron and nichole showed up. so we all sat
together and talked and whatever. i felt bad cuz i barely
know ryan. or rather, we havent hungout aside from the one
class we have together. and he was just thrown in with my
friends. and i know that hes not very social. and so im
sure he felt uncomfortable. but he didnt say anything
about it. and that made me feel better.
i told him tonight how cool it was that he talked to me
and shit even though he knows im gay. it seems so
difficult for me to be friends with boys cuz most boys
arent after friendships with girls. they want some ass.
and hes not like that. and least not from what ive seen. i
mean its not even weird. hes just so nice and cool and
shit. yay for nice people. yay for me meeting people.