2001-07-24 04:29:56 (UTC)

My New Journal

Well here we go, another journal. I have one on but that site is messing up cuz they
are fixing things around. So, a lil about myself. My name
is Amanda, im 16. I live in Ohio(boring!). I have 3 older
brothers and i live wit my mom and dad. I like to run track
and i play soccer but not really for school or
anythin..there are jus teams for the indoor soccer season
and i am on one. I have a boyfriend named Chad, we havent
been together too long but i really like him. Actually i
saved a conversation that he and i had on aol instant
messenger, ill put it on here:
Sexything5269: ok i never get real close to people when i
go out wit i dont get too attatched cuz i kno
nothin lasts forever and im jus scared to lose people...
KASH69: ok?....
KASH69: is that what you had to say?
Sexything5269: yup
KASH69: ok
KASH69: i guess i dont get ur point
KASH69: so ae you sayin you dont want to get too attached
to me?
Sexything5269: no i do want to
Sexything5269: but im jus worried that ill get hurt
KASH69: oh....ok
KASH69: :-[
KASH69: well you better let go now...cus im already pretty
Sexything5269: me too
KASH69: ur attached?
KASH69: well?......
Sexything5269: ya i am
KASH69: ok...i can promise you something that im sure you
have already heard before....and i can back it up too....
Sexything5269: ok what can u promise me
KASH69: i can promise you ...with all of my heart...i swear
to you...i will never hurt you in any way....shape....or
form....and the guarentee i have is....welll..i have only
said to one other girl and that was savanah....i never hurt
her EVER
and i will treat you like everything i ever wanted and all
i will ever get
KASH69: ok god that was korney
KASH69: i think i just made an ass of myself
LKASH69: ?
Sexything5269: awww:'(im gonna cry that was soo sweet
KASH69: well jease....i was just speakin my mind but i
still think it was korny
Sexything5269: nah it wasnt
KASH69: ok but anywasy
KASH69: i gotta go to bed...
Sexything5269: :'(
KASH69: thats gay
KASH69: i know i know
KASH69: ill ttyl...see ya on friday i guess? maybe talk to
ya tomorrow
Sexything5269: u better call me tomorrow
KASH69: why would i?
KASH69: lol
KAsH69: of course i will
KASH69: since you dont want to come over and all
Sexything5269: ok goodnight and sweet dreams babe hope u
dream bout me.....HEY i neva said that i jus dont kno
if i can
KASH69: but bein pressured
KASH69: well i guess you cant
KASH69: cus i would have to know now
KASH69: but ohh wel
KASH69: :-(
KASH69: luv ya babe good night!
Sexything5269: luv ya 2 call me 2morrow
KASH69: ok bye
awww wasnt that the sweetest thing he said bout promising
me he will never hurt me? Awww i hope we are together
forever! But well enough of that, ok some more bout me, i
am totally obsessed wit nice and fast cars, like on the
movie the fast and the furious. I like rap music, i like to
be outside, i am rarely home, i am usually always active
unless im sleeping. Wow thats probably the most ive ever
written bout myself lol.
Today i went and picked up Chad from summer school. Then we
drove around 4 a lil bit, met my friend Jen at wendys and i
took him home. Then went shopping wit Jen. We went to
meijer and the mall and kohls. At kohls i bought a cute
pink bra and a tank top to wear over my bathing suit at
kings island. Then we went to wendys(again, its our fave)
and ate yum! Well to anyone who reads this, im gettin off
here but ill write more later.