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2002-09-16 03:47:32 (UTC)

car rides, monsoons, and pleasantville-update 1

My weekend can be summed up quickly by saying that I
travelled across NC, and back. Ha-however, story time is
coming up. Stay tuned kids.
After a lovely....and I do say that with the utmost
sarcasm...lunch in Marshbanks with Ash and Stacey...I
packed all my stuff up to head home. Hard drive, I was
pretty tired.
Friday night I went with my mom to get my brother's
birthday gift. Then to the grocery store and by work to
tell them I'd like to work over fall break. Need some
cash. :-p

Saturday morning I slept in...until 7:00. *mad face* Waking up
early to make the trip to WCU to see my brother for his birthday. I
attempted to study on the way up there, but with the rain....I was
more in the mood for a nap. :-p We ended up going to Dillsboro,
which isn't but 10, 15 minutes down the road. It's a cute little
mountain town with a park, and tons of nifty little shops. We ate
lunch at the Jarret House...which was like a bed and breakfast I
suppose. I didn't see any of the actual rooms, we just ate in the
restraunt. They have a limited menu. Basically you pick your main
item and the vegetables just come with it. It took...maybe 5 minutes
for our plates to come out. Homemade chicken and dumplings, mashed
potatoes, green beans, apple sauce, and buiscuts. My mom had made
Hershey bar cake....a family favorite, which we transported in a
cooler. So we had cake, skipped the singing, and kept the
embarassment to a bare minimum. Hehe.
We had a while after we dropped Daniel off before the game started.
We found the tickets, picked them up, checked out the stadium, and
went back to the parking lot. Parking wasn't a problem. We weren't
exactly sure about the whole process before we got up there. We
parked right down the road from the stadium. We had nearly 2 hours
before the game started. We didn't really have anywhere to go. So
while my parents napped in the car, I did some biochemistry reading
and called my roommate. Had to find out what was going on in the
Creek without me. :-p
Game time: Our seats were pretty good actually. Mom had just asked
for decent seats, and trusted the person on the phone to choose
wisely. The campus is very pretty. On another trip up there I'd
like Daniel to take me around campus so I can take some more
photographs. You can see the mountains behind the stadium, and with
the clouds rolling in, it was awesome. (Except for the fact that at
any minute you knew you were going to be soaked.)

Stay tuned....up next: monsoon season arrives. :-p