Finding my Light
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2002-09-16 03:37:28 (UTC)

My Man

Hey everyone...I'm sorry this entry isn't going to be
anything real important. I'm just going to basically tell
you all what I want in a guy. I never really put down in
words exactly what I really want, so this time is as good
as time as any...
Okay to start out with he must be loving. I am VERY
affectionate and I need a guy who is affectionate back. I
love to kiss, hug, and basically almost anything that makes
the guy I care for happy. I will even put the guys I care
for in front of me just to see their happiness.
I like to take care of people and so I would like a guy
who will let me take cae of him. If he's having a bad day
I want to cook him his favorite dinner. If his back in
tense I want to rub his back. I need to feel like I'm
He needs to be good with kids and respectful to
adults. If a guy is rude to an adult or another person in
general I am turned off and will no longer be interested.