Life Sux Then You Die
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2001-07-24 04:06:54 (UTC)

Day: 14

I went to my neighbors party tonight. It was fun and
kinda...ackward. I mean..they are all over 21 and they have
little me and my sister were
basically...babysitting. There was this little boy there,
Dillian, I scared him plenty of times. Cassidy, Kilee, me,
and my sister held him down and put make-up on him. He
screamed and kicked me in the shin. He grabbed my hand and
led me to the walkway(where the wetbar is) and his little
brother Carson was there. He was trying to scare me which
didn't work. ^^;;; He got mad and started trying to punch
me. It was too cute ^_^. I am sad cuz my neighbors are
moving. They are kinda like family. I mean. I watched one
of her kids grow up. He is 2 and a half right now. I was
hoping that I would see him become a teen. But...Now they
are moving to Las Vegas....The whooole country wide! I wish
they call sometime. They were suppose to move
saturday...but now they are moving wednesday...I know I am
going to cry. I am just going to miss them too much...Now I
am going to cry... damn... Can't find neighbors like them
anywhere... Well... Nothing more to talk about... I will
talk more tomorrow...maybe when I recollect myself...

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