This girl's life
2001-07-24 04:05:40 (UTC)

Things are getting better

I have figured out that I am so in love with Jeremy & that
i do not just want to walk away & give us up. I think Chris
is crazy & I told him that I love Jeremy & he needs to just
give me space & leave me alone. Chris just pushed me to
hard, to fast. He wants to date me so bad he can not stand
it. Why would I want a relationship after I just got out of
one? My friend Charles & I just got through eating, I
cooked dinner so that means it was really good, lol. I had
to work today & I really want to try to get as many hours
as possiable. Oh about Jeremy. Friday his sister was born &
I got to watch her birth. It was an amazeing thing & so
special that I was asked to stay there. Jeremy & I acted
normal but afterwards he seemed like he was not into me at
all really. Then I talked to him on the phone Sunday & he
said that he had no intention on dateing anyone other than
me & that he is going to come & see me probably Tuesday. He
also told me that he loved me before we got off the phone.
It made me so happy to talk to him little on to hear all
that he told me. But that is all for right now.....