Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
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2002-09-16 01:58:20 (UTC)


my dad caught me and cory making out on oure coutch! i dont
kno how he saw us becuase i did'nt hear him cumming at all.
Cory is such an amazing guy, he's so awsome, but now i'm
never gonna get to spend time with him at all. i'm so
depressed about this!my dad yelled at mne 4 a long time and
i think he'll tell my dad and i'll be in soo much trouble,
damn damn damn. i dont kno wat to do, i knew i shouldent
hav gone out with any1. fuck this, i dont think i'll ever
enjoy any part of living again, exept when i'm hgih!
becuase when ur high u can forget about evorything there is
it=n youre life, you're in you're own litle world and it's
soo great.