It smells like poop over here
2002-09-16 01:38:54 (UTC)

BIG weekend

oh man, i had a time. im listening to AFI, but i had
quite the weekend.
rich and i went up to state, kinda late on friday,
didn't get on the road till like 6:34, we got up there
around 8:30, cause the directions i got from mapquest were
all wrong and led us through the ghetto cause they were
stupid. but we got up there, and we were just hanging out.
i was in dave's room, he was burning me
weezer's "pinkerton" and i says. "it may sound weird coming
from me, but im gonna need cigarettes" and he's like "you
smoke" and im like, "i guess." cause i guess i do. im gonna
stop though, i have 3 parliaments left, then im done. i
don't like smoking anymore.
anyway, im in dave's and he says "grab a bells" (bells
in a microbrew from kalamazoo that's really expensive and
supposed to be good, it was ok). i grabbed the porter,
cause he wanted the amber. then at tom's i have 2
milwaukee's best "light" (god that's awful) then a molson.
plus 2 newcastle double deuces. i had like...1.75 shots of
captain, and some smirnoff rasberry. i was pretty buzzed, i
don't quite think i was drunk. but people told me i was. i
guess i don't really know.
i woke up about 9 am and went to 7-11 for cheetos and
a juice. i didn't puke and i didn't have a headache or
hangover. my stomach was a little quezy, i just had to burp
though. i slept till about one. me and rich went and ate at
pancheros, but he was still hungry, so we went to charlie
kang's as well. i didn't eat, i just took a poo. i dont'
really remember what else we did. i know we were in tommy's
room and i had a brew. oh yeah, once again we were eating
chinese. after a while, we (like 11 people) walked to this
party. it was ok, no good music (rap blasting out of a
honda) and we had to stay outside. there was a quarter
barrell of busch light (oh god that's awful beer). i only
drank like 2...mabye 3 before i felt like ass. plus i was
full. then coors light came, but i was buzzed by then,
cause the busch i did drink, i chugged.
i meet some cool guys. this dude named brad that was
so drunk. some dude named steve who had a cool jacket.
talked to one of laura's friends, kirsten, for a while. she
likes punk and she had a nose ring, even though i think was
infected. she was nice. we went back to laura's dorm and i
had a few shots of el capitan and some rasberry smirnoff.
(that shit tastes like cough medecine, no matter what your
mix with it. lemonade is good with it though) we had gone
back to laura's, which is what i wanted to do, but i didn't
wanna be there anymore, so i went outside for a smoke. came
back for more liquor, and left for like 2 hours. i meet
some cool people.
this dude john that has a hot girl, i think her name
was liz, but he looked like the guy from the supertones.
ray, who was called "ray of sunshine". he was gonna get me
high if i had pot. umm, i talked to mike on the way back
from durand street, he was gonna set me up wiht the next
hot girl i saw, but it feel through. he wrestled in high
school. i chilled with this kid will, he split a pack of
parliaments with me, i bought em, but dind't want all of
em. i gave away just about all my clove cigs, they're
fucking good. they leave sugar on your lips i swear. i
talked to becky @ beaners coffeeshop for a bit tooi hung
out with these wiggers and some of there friends. the guys
i hung out with were johnny, darryl and danny. johnny broke
the attena off a thunderbird. they go to wayne state. im
gonna see if lauren knows em. i don't wanna talk about the
random cool people i meet anymore. although getting drunk
and meeting people is now a reason for me to go to state.
i wanna talk about devon. she's laura gorgeous
roommate. i wanted to nail her so bad, but while i was
thinking of that, i wanted to go out with her, and hang out
with her and be with her. so now i have another crush to
add to the list. i thought she kinda liked me too, she let
me put my arm around her, let me kiss her and hold her. (i
didn't get to kiss her on the lips, cause im a whuss)but in
the car ride back from the mall, she was looking at me, and
rested her head on my hand. but then later, joe,
devon's...b/f, current male interest, fuck buddy, wants to
be more than friends with or whatever stayed over. she was
with him for the rest of the night. i tried to persuay her
a little, but to no avail. she's got a really pretty face
and sweet sassy molassy body. i need to get to bed, my
stomach is still upset, im mad myself cause i remember
doing some dumb shit. grabbing laura's ass a few times,
kissed a few times, told scott i had a crush on her and the
what not and blah blah blah. in a nut shell, a fun weekend.
i like being drunk, i don't like getting drunk. g'night.