My Confessions
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2002-09-16 01:36:45 (UTC)


Dear Diary,

Stacey asked Jay on a date last night! I now know where
that 'taste of your own medicine' really comes in! I am so
jealous! I don't know what to do! Granted, yes, i did just
go on a date with Luke, but still! OH MY GOD! What if he
likes Stacey now? and now its like she has claim to him! OH
GOD! THis is such a mess! I wish I had enough courage to
just come right out and be like "Jay--we belong together!"
but then if he says, 'oh i like stacey' then i'm screwed!
Yes, ok so they just got icecream, but STILL! I mean Sam
says they didn't kiss or anything, but oh i'm freaking out!
I am gonna hang out with Alyssa tonight and I am gonna tell
her that i like Jay. Maybe she'll know what to do!
Oh, I did talk to Jay tho! He stopped by around lunch and
we hung out for a little bit....it was so awkward! IT's
like in clueless when when she realizes that she likes josh
she doesn't know how to act around him! I DIDN"T KNOW WHAT
TO DO! So he left like 20 minutes later, and we didn't
really talk about anything. That never happens to us!
Normally we talk for hours! Okay well i'm gonna go to