Diary of the Weird
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2002-09-16 01:17:10 (UTC)

Never Again

I know it's the name of a song by Nickelback, but it
fits. Since I was a kid the only time my parents weren't
yelling at each other, it was when they were yelling at me
or my sister. When I was 5 I remember when my dad stepped
on a lego of mine and just started pounding me. He then
picked up my creation I spent weeks to make perfect and
hurled it at me, destroying my precious toy. It hasn't
gotten better since then, and instead of just me taking
mostly verbal abuse now, because he knows I'll hit him
back, he beats up on my mom. Last year, they would
constantly go at it. He would tip the couch with my mom on
it, theres a hole in the sofa from a candle that was behind
it. He'd hit her in her stomach, knowing she had a bad
stomach. He sprayed furniture polish in her eyes, finally
causing me to storm in threatening with my baseball bat.
Then my great grandma died, causing it to stop... until
this summer. They had quarelled a few times, even a few
physical fights, but then one night, one week after my
birthday (which went uncelebrated in any way by them other
than considering my debt partially paid off), a heard my
mom say that he was choking her, more to him than me. I was
done putting up with it and called the cops. Shortly
afterward my sister and her friends pulled in, and all we
could do is wait for the police. Now we have a restraining
order and I have to choose between my parents.

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