holy shit
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2001-07-24 03:54:10 (UTC)


so i went to the mall today and bought a few new pairs of
shorts. Tommorow i have band practice and a killer show to
go too. but ive been thinking about the police and their
duty. so if its their modo to serve and protect and its
thier job to enforce laws then laws are in effect there to
serve and protect. now since the police are an extention
on the beurocracy of the usa there are laws to restrict
them and the actions of others with regards to them. Now
these laws are put in place to protect the people who serve
and protect the laws that serve and protect us as citizens.
now with this point being made i can get my question... why
is it that the beurocracy of the us has grown to such an
extent where the laws made perputute more laws and
government agencies? at some point will the sytem not just
collapse form it own weight. please respond if you have a
point of view... im interested.

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