The Story of Me
2001-07-24 03:48:36 (UTC)

It Is So Hot!!

It's 11:30 at night, and it's still as hot out now as it
has been all day. Okay, so I'm lying. It's only 87 degrees
now, compared to the 97 degree in the shade weather we had
earlier. I'm from Northern New York...the state of 9 months
of winter. Temperatures approaching near the triple digits
are not common...not at all. But I love summer...for the 3
months that we have it. The only thing that kills me is the
humidity. 60% humidity today. Granted, it could have been
much worse...usually it's 80% or even 90%, but it never
gets this hot. I just checked the weather forcast for
tomorrow, and it's calling for scattered
showers...temperatures in the high 80's, and humidity of
84%. Great. I'm looking forward to it.

I went running today, which was the stupidest thing that I
could have done in this weather. Actually, I went
walking...I would have been INSANE to run. I know that
running is a better cardio workout...but DAMN when it's one
in the afternoon, it's enough to just be standing after a
mile and a half. By the time I finished my second lap, the
water bottle that I brought with me (filled with a dozen
ice cubes) was lukewarm. And by the time I finished, I was
just nasty. I won't go into that...I'm a female, I don't
sweat, I "glisten". Anyway, whatever you want to call it, I
was in need of a shower. I think I overdid it though, when
I got home, I had a headache, and I took a nap in the early
evening for about 2 hours. The heat will do that to you I
guess. I do plan on walking again tomorrow, I'll just make
sure that I go in after the sun has begun to set...but
befor the bugs are out. I had to contend with mosquitos the
other night. I need to find a happy medium.

Walking...or jogging...or running (whatever I'm in the mood
for) has become my release. Not that I NEED to do it
everyday. Lord knows I don't need to lose any weight, I
guess it's all about tone, and if I get into good habits
now, I won't have to worry about excess weight gain in the
future. If that makes sense. I don't even know what I am
talking about right now. Heat exhaustion (blech). I'm off
to take a cool shower to cool off, then maybe to bed (early
night...whoa!!) Until tomorrow


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