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2001-07-24 03:34:33 (UTC)

Another Day.......

Today i woke up! got online went running ate a power bar!
made a watch! ( its really kool) and then i went shopping!
at the mall i bought tons of new pants and shirts! im
really excitted! they are all winter clothes [email protected] so
ill ahave to wait a while to wear them!

when i got home from the mall i got a message to go to the
movies! i went and i had to share a seat with allie bc
there wanst enough room! the movie was freaky everything
kept poppin out and scarin me! lol! afterwards i took allie
and sawyer home! we went into allies house to see if she
could spend the night and no one was there! it was realy
freaky bc everything was there! like the car and the tv was
on and the food was on the stove cooking! it was so weird!
but they weren't in the house ne where! so we took sawyer
home and took allie with us! finally her mom called and she
didnt tell us where she was but we took allie homwe! now
here i am!

OHH YA! carrie called! i was so excited! she was in SA !
they went to seaworld today! isnt that kooool????? i wish i
got to go!! i really want cameron to call me! or anthony!!!
carrie said that she was having fun!!!! well im gunna go!
that was my day!