Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-09-15 23:53:39 (UTC)

So then...

So then, back in neutrally weathered Norwich. I ought to
first explain that my extended absence was due to my
departure from this haven of repose, and my recent
reappearance here is a prelude to the continuation of my
log here.

A few things then. Mainly for me - its been a big two
days, and a lot has happened, if not in actual terms, at
least in comings and goings.

We're all back at home, and, as ever its as if nothing has
ever changed. No doubt, one day, and we all know who, one
of us will have that odd feeling of wanting to grow up, of
maturing, but why now?

Its also meant a lot of living with people you don't quite
know. Its wierd, fun and exciting. Tomorrow I go and buy

I spoke to a friend of mine too, it sounds as if she's
single again (I don't mean this in any nasty way, but I
don't know the whole story so 'She's been dumped'
or 'She's dumped her boyfriend' would be wrong. To be fair
she sounded very tired, and all I could feel was sympathy,
it wasn't nice, and she doesn't deserve it.

Anyway, that's all for now.

WILT? Aim - Good Disease.