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2002-09-15 23:28:55 (UTC)

bleeding through

yesterday i went to a show with steve, kayla and cheryl
(steves friend). it was really fun. im glad i went. some of
the bands were....Bleeding Through, Burnt by the Sun,
Underoath(they were great, hadnt heard of them before but
really enjoyed them) Unerth, Ed Gein....and a couple other
bands. I had a really really good time. i almost didnt go
because i was feeling depressed the day before so i didnt
want to go and feel left out or depressed at the show, but
steve said he really wanted me to go so i said alright, and
im glad i did.

the hatebreed/6 feet under show next weekend is going to be
great. steve doesnt like anthony now though which may make
the car ride kind of weird. i hope its not though. anthony
is a really nice guy, but i hate the way he acts when he is
around their group from school. he just doesnt know when to
stop and tends to piss me off. hopefully that will change
though, hes really cool when there isnt a group of his
friends, and steve said he wasnt like this last year so
maybe it wont last and he'll go back to acting like
himself. i dont know, i hope so. well thats all for now.
overall things are pretty good, ive been busy...and that is
always a good thing. hopefully it will continue.