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2001-07-24 03:07:37 (UTC)


The last part won't work :( alwell, Timmy just got offline
so I'll put up the convo I just had w/ him.

Koul tshik: sorry this computer sux (STUPID FRIGGIN THANG MADE ME
LuvNTenderTones: mines to
Koul tshik: i'm gettin a new gateway cuz i complained too
much about my other one and they're sick of me using this
one...see i'm spoiled
LuvNTenderTones: not to me ~_^
Koul tshik: well ur strange...
LuvNTenderTones: ssooooooooooooooo
LuvNTenderTones: hey talk to me on this one(I WAS TALKIN
Koul tshik: kk
LuvNTenderTones: me ? like what (I SAID I WROTE ABOUT HIM
Koul tshik: umm.......jus stuff....
LuvNTenderTones: what
Koul tshik: like...uh...stuff
LuvNTenderTones: man i waana read the things u right bout
me bad things huh
Koul tshik: i don't write bad things about u
LuvNTenderTones: can i read just one then pwease
Koul tshik: umm.....
LuvNTenderTones: :-(
Koul tshik: well...
LuvNTenderTones: pwease pwease pwease pwease pwease
pwease pwease pwease pwease
Koul tshik: i dunno
LuvNTenderTones: just i pwease
LuvNTenderTones: i mean 1 pwease
Koul tshik: uh...hold on...
LuvNTenderTones: k
Koul tshik: ok, but u swear u won't read anything before
6/27, please?
LuvNTenderTones: i swear
LuvNTenderTones: so i can read ne thin after that right
LuvNTenderTones: or just 1
Koul tshik: My free online diary(~LINK TO HERE) ya know if u
create a diary on there u can get notified when i update my
diary...yeah anything after it
LuvNTenderTones: yeah thank u
Koul tshik: welcome i guess
Koul tshik: grr....i'm stupid
LuvNTenderTones: not really man these thins r long
Koul tshik: i know
Koul tshik: and yes i am
LuvNTenderTones: not really princess
Koul tshik: ok fine
LuvNTenderTones: fish in the bathroom? (RAGING RIVERS
Koul tshik: i got that idea from my stepmom, i'm a dork
Koul tshik: oh, btw, the katie that i went to raging
rivers with wasn't the same katie as the 1 who thinks u're
LuvNTenderTones: i forgot bout her
LuvNTenderTones: aww man my parents came home and i gotta
go eat man this sucksi havnt finished readen the 4 entries
yet manwell ttyl baby
Koul tshik: :-( kk ttyl
LuvNTenderTones: man my parents r startin ti bitch at me
well bye ttyl
Koul tshik: bye love u
LuvNTenderTones: love u to baby

I...I...I dunno...I'm pathetic...I should go