Dave's Mental Meanderings
2002-09-15 21:46:13 (UTC)

My Thoughts on 9/11

Well, here were are. A year and a few days after
September 11, 2001. Everybody's feeling patriotic again.
For one day, almost every person in the country renewed the
half-ass, bullshit feeling of patriotism that grasped the
nation for a few months after the terrorist attacks on the
World Trade Center and the Pentagon. I suppose you think
that I'm going to write about my feelings of love for this
great nation in which we live, about how we remain strong
in the face of adversity, how we're not going to rest until
terrorism is eliminated, and all that other
meaningless "united we stand" bullshit. Well I'm not. I'm
going to write about a viewpoint that most Americans are
too brainwashed to even entertain. So if you're the type
of person who has a bumper sticker on your car displaying
the American flag and a trite, overused saying like "United
We Stand", then you might not want to read this.

First of all - Americans. An interesting group of people
indeed. Don't get me wrong, I am not anti-American. There
is no other country I'd rather live in than America. But
there is one thing Americans fail to realize when they
think how great of a nation we are and how we will never be
broken by terrorism or any other "evil" force. Some day in
the future, whether it's 10 years from now or 1000 years
from now, America will fall. In the history of the world,
there has never been a nation or empire or any type of
civilization that has lasted forever. You know that warm,
fuzzy feeling you get when you think of how wonderful our
country is, or when you hear one of those lame celebrity
tribute songs about America, or when you see the picture of
the firemen raising the flag over all the rubble on 9/11?
Well, guess who else had that feeling? People in Nazi
Germany. People in the Roman Empire. People in Russia
under the rule of the Czars. That feeling is not unique to
Americans, we just associate it with a different flag than
other people have. We're proud of our country... just like
everybody else. I'm not saying that Americans are like
Nazis - just that we, like Nazis, love our country and are
under the mistaken impression that it will remain intact
for all eternity. The one difference between Americans and
all those other once-great nations is that Americans are so
fickle and so obsessed with the media and pop culture that
they all but forgot about September 11th until its 1-year
anniversary. Just look at how little the average American
thought about patriotism or the terrorist attacks 11 months
after the World Trade Center fell. It's disgusting, to be
honest with you. How can a person claim to be patriotic
just because he puts a bumper sticker on his car when
terrorists attack his country and then is back to his
standard routine of going to work, driving a luxury car,
shopping at Brooks Brothers, and watching TV on a 40"
television set with his spoiled, brain-dead children and
not giving the Sept 11th attacks to much as a single
thought a mere 6 months after they happened? I'll tell you
what the word "patriotic" means. Somebody who is patriotic
is a person who is willing to work for years of his life,
thousands of miles away from his family, for the end goal
of dying for a cause in which he believes. Sound
familiar? No, I'm not talking about people in the American
Armed Forces, although I do respect them a great deal. I'm
speaking, of course, of the terrorists who came to the
United States, learned how to fly commercial airplanes, all
the while knowing that the event that would mark the
completion of their training was their own death. I don't
know a single American who is that loyal to his cause.
Also, before we go out and call these terrorists evil
psychotic killers, let's first understand one of the
biggest reasons for their actions - their families. These
terrorists had been living in poverty along with their
families for their entire lives. They never had any chance
to give their families anything better, no matter how hard
they worked. But all of a sudden comes this chance to fly
an airplane into a building in the United States. When a
terrorist does this, his family back home is treated as
royalty. They are the family members of a martyr. They
are given better treatment than just about anybody else in
the country. So before you equate these terrorists with
somebody who is truly evil, like bin Laden, understand the
fact that one reason they do what they do is so their
families can have better lives. I can't think of anything
more honorable than that.

I'm sure I've pissed off plenty of people by now. Well,
maybe not - I'd be surprised if more than 3 or 4 people
read this. But anyway, I won't even get into discussing
how America could have prevented the terrorist attacks by
giving reparations to the Afghan people instead of turning
our backs on them after we gave them money for military
supplies to fight the Russians who were occupying their
country when they didn't want to fight in the first place.
And no, I am not anti-American. I love this country.
However, I prefer to maintain an objective viewpoint on
issues instead of mindlessly buying into all the
bullshit "God Bless America" propaganda.