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2002-09-15 21:31:04 (UTC)

going over Sabina's

Sabrina's dad picked me up today and we went to Safeway.
It sucked ass b/c she told her dad that she owed me $$$ and
he didn't give it to her to give to me. and i really
needed some fucking ciggs. i am about to have a nic. fit up
in this mother fucker. luckily her mom knows what i am
going through so hopefully she will take me to get some.
otherwise i will be a bitch.
oh and another thing that sucked was when they picked me up
my dad asked them if i was going to stay w/ them forever.
aren't parents supposed to love their children and want
them to stay home for as long as possible. that is kinda
fucked up.
so long for now.

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