cosmic ski slopes
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2001-07-24 02:48:21 (UTC)

hihi, back

wow, been a while, but anyway, today was my 17th, kinda
sucked. i sucked pickles too... andw ehad a debate about
sleepign through sex and about what "crutons" are
anyway.... hehehe. Michelle's sleepign over now, so isn't
Jen..... another story. but anyway "my house is full of
today it was me, fuzz, chelle, hun, and jen. mike brought
us to the Leap and we hung out there after bbq.
b never showed... the first time ever..... i miss him, it's
getting worse, but ohwell.
Oh god... jeremy is being impossible... i miss him so much,
in the more than friends sence and this is horrid... well,
i'll write more later, i g2g.