my life
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2002-09-15 20:24:58 (UTC)

its been a while

gosh its been a while since ive written in here. lets see
whats happened since last time. last night i went to a
surprise bday party for sarah. she said she wasnt expecting
it so i guess we pulled it off. i also went to a chicken
barbecue that our band was having. its been soo long since
ive had a weekend off, and im not gonna have one for a
while cuz im either hanging out with friends or doing
something for band. its gonna get worse too cuz of the
competitions coming up soon. friday we had a fball game and
then a dance that i stayed for. i found out that my ex is
in town and i wasnt too happy cuz i dont wanna see
him...luckily i havent yet and i doubt i will cuz he
probably had to leave today and go back to college.
last weeked: i went to see swimfan with a group of
friends. it was all girl and 1 guy...lucky brian:). i
recommend that to people cuz its good, but mostly a chick
flick. then my mom and dad painted my room and their room.
i would of helped but im too lazy and slept the whole time.
that was fun too cuz they had to move all the furniture out
of the rooms..boy was our house a mess. this past week we
got carpet put down in 3 rooms which was even worse cuz all
the furniture in every room was spread out among the other
rooms of the house..im glad thats over.
i wonder what people think of me cuz...well im not gonna
go into detail. there have been so many fights between me
and my friends lately that i just wonder. people probably
think that im some cold harted bitch and have fricked up
views from the responce ive been getting. i dont really
care what people think but its just that im tired of trying
to help others and they go off on me and everything. theres
people that ive never fought with before and now ive argued
with them. i got sooo pissed one night at this guy cuz of
how he was actin and then when i told him what i though he
turned and totally went off on me. he was being
inconsiderate and wouldnt drop something that was of no
importance at all. then another friend went off on me cuz
im trying to help her and another of my friends get back
together..not literally but they just cant get along
anymore. she apologized later but i just wonder why do
people go off so much on each other. today i didnt really
get in a fight with someone but i think she got mad because
of what i told her. people think she flirts too much and so
we discussed that..i told how i feel sometimes and what im
gettin from others and i think she got mad at me. it just
bothers me that no matter what i say anymore everyone gets
mad. i know its gonna happen some but lately its just been
annoying. ive figured out that i cant criticize people on
things they do when i do the same things sometimes. people
need to just learn to ignore things that others say..even
though its pretty hard sometimes.
there have been some fun things thats been happening, not
just argueing with people. i think ive written enough now
so im not gonna go into detail on all that
i promise ill write sooner than i did last time..

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