hvnlyhottie13z journal
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2002-09-15 19:55:36 (UTC)

......uh.... ????

hello everybody... i am sposed to b workin on bio so i can
pass the quizi thingi but i just dont feel like it i feel
like i am dead but that is okay because i am quite used to
this feeling now..... i wish that i was happy right now...
i think that i probably wuld b if i waz tlking 2 steven
rite now but he has his awy msg up rite now... grrrrz. i'm
listenin 2 the radio... 98.7 i love this station..... its
my favorite. this one and 96x. rob zombie is on rite now i
love that guy! his music is so kool it sends shiverz down
my spine it feels kool!!! lol... o yea tlkin about musiv,,,
my chorus teacher is trying to get me 2 sing a solo in one
of my lunch periods. i dont know why but she picked me and
two other chiks to sing.
i love singing and i want to be a singer but our skool is
so judgmental i'm kinda skared to sing in front of them. i
mean really, everyone hates me enough what's the point, to
humiliate myself while people laugh at me when i'm on
stage. uhhhhh. i think i'll pass on that. theres only one
person that will ever be able to convince me too... steven,
pls dont! lol...
i got sick after everyone left my house this afternoon... i
threw up for about 5 minutes and then i had to lie down on
the floor because i felt so sick. i told them i was sick
and that i could not eat. but i was being an idiot and i
ate anyways, it was my fault.
i threw up some blood too. i'm pretty sure that i am not
okay but i refuse to go to the hospital again. like, last
year and during the summer i spent all my weekends there
and they didnt find a damn thing.. now i'm pukin out blood
and they'll probably just say something like.. puberty or
something haha.
but yea... i'm sick... heh sammi asked me if there was any
way i could be pregnant!!!! ha!!!!!!!!!!! no, sammi, there
is no way i could be pregnant. lol.
well... i've got to go again... I'm IMing kristin.