The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2001-07-24 02:32:51 (UTC)

The Mall....

Ashley and I went to the Mall today we went to Hot Topics
and like spent like litterally all the money we had..and i
got to drive her around...we dropped my mom off at BJ's and
we went over and got gas all by are selfs it was fun the we
drove around the mall (my mom doesnt know that!...Shhhhh!)
lol we had fun we drove around blasten music....YAHH!!oh
well not much else happened on my one day off..I got a
letter back from Mary, Its really hot this afternoon it
reached 100 degrees and for NY thats..HOT!!!! Oh well
Ashley and I hung out with Megan at Hot topics b/cshe works
there and we were just havin fun looking at all the stuff
we couldnt afford!...oh well i cant think of anything else
so goodnight..