hvnlyhottie13z journal
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2002-09-15 19:09:39 (UTC)


whoa. my sister just called and told me that she was in the
emergancy room. so i handed the phone to my mom and when
she got off she didn't even say anything she just went back
to working on the yard. and said i'm not allowed to go see
my sister... wtf is up with that? thats not right at all!!!

my gosh i am so skared that she isn't alright, i dont even
know why she is in there... gosh. i need someone to talk to
right now... this is really skari.

i have never liked hospitals. it always seems that like...
our family's got so many health problems. i swear i'm gunna
be dead by the time that i'm 20!!! if not by next year,

arghhhhh! this is so frusterating... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!