April Wynn

April Wynn
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2002-09-15 18:54:37 (UTC)

Sunday, Septmber 15, 2002

Lastnight was an alright night. Diana caught a ride to my
moms place then Aivers drove us to her house. No one was
there when we got there, so we got the fire going outside
and sat around until her parents got home. turns out they
went to drop off their youngest son Ky at the arena for a
hockey game. Anyway, so diana got to take the van and we
cruised around the downtown streets of Quesnel, laughing at
all the punk kids fallin off their skateoards. We did a few
loser laps, but only cause we thought it would be
funny...not cause we're losers...
Yeah i got to chat with micheal for a bit. Last week he
planned a bbq for last night and no one showed up...NO ONE.
I felt bad because i would have showed if i were there...in
edmonton. AAAAnyway, how fun would that be? me and
micheal...ugh... i guess it could be pretty fun. I was
talking to him on the phone last night to, i started
talking about my "imagination". BIG no no. I get so
imbarrased because i'm such a weirdo. my imagination takes
so many things way to far, like this whole micheal thing
for instance. Come on, i have a life with him...in my
dreams. Some people would think i was so desperate. Not
because its Micheal but because he's the main focus of most
of my dreams. I get really worried of what people think
about me alot, not what i look like, just the kind of
person i am. I used to lie really really bad and say that i
had this extraordinary life with my family, and we
travelled alot and blah X3. At one point i went as far as
to not answering my phone calls and staying in my house for
7 days with my mom just because i told a few people i was
going to an ICP concert in Detroit. Geee...i was so mean to
myself. Lost so many friends cause they thought i was a huge liar. I
was also a bad liar. Yeah so i have what some people might call an
active, yet retarded imagination. there are far more things
i've lied about but i'm not about to get into it on an
online journal.
So...Micheal. He is so sweet, but he's probably just as
weird as me. I can say for sure that he's a perve...and i
love it.
later, gotta go watch a Micheal Jackson video. :P